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OTS Catalogue

Explore our Off-the-Shelf catalogue!

Off-the-Shelf data refers to available and ready-to-use sets.


Our catalogue is the result of numerous data creation and collection projects that have been positively validated and meet the highest quality standards.

Audio Data

Click on the blue button above and discover the available audio sets. Among them: spontaneous conversations, call center recordings and word commands.

Image Data

Here you can find validated images to support projects such as Computer Vision, facial recognition, image recognition and many more.

Text Data

A collection of translation memories, documents, contracts, etc. Documents in this section are both language dependent and independent.

Despite the constant improvement of automated data annotation systems, human intervention remains indispensable to achieve quality results. Indeed, the human-in-the-loop approach speeds up the whole process and gives more precise results.

Thanks to our strong global network of multilingual contributors, we are able to offer a comprehensive data annotation service, both technologically and linguistically. The availability of a wide variety of data makes it possible to develop artificial intelligence projects in different languages.

Find out which business sectors our data solutions can be applied to.