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Creative Words Data for AI-Data services for artificial intelligence solutions
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Creative Words data for AI

What we do

Creative Words provides multilingual data services to companies that develop artificial intelligence solutions.

Data Annotation

We annotate different kinds of data to make them recognizable to machine learning systems and support algorithm training.

Data Collection

We collect and store data in various formats to train machine learning models to complete certain tasks automatically.

Data validation services - Creative AI

Data Validation

We verify that the datasets are appropriate and

optimized to be properly processed in the machines training activity.

With us, your data are safe. 

When we collect data, we make sure to identify and remove all personal identifiable information. That is to say, the data collected for our projects are stored and processed through reliable systems, in total security.

We don’t like surprises. 

That’s why we rely on automated project management, which allows us to achieve high quality results in line with your specific needs.

We believe unity is strength.

We rely on a global network of native contributors to provide our clients with high quality services and develop successful projects for different sectors on a global scale.

We like to be fair and transparent. 

We are committed to ensuring fair and transparent payment to our contributors, according to the terms, methods and level of compensation of each individual country of origin

Thanks to our human-in-the-loop approach and our global network of contributors, we are able to provide high-quality multilingual datasets.

innovativi sistemi di intelligenza artificiale, Genova
innovativi sistemi di intelligenza artificiale, Genova
Our Team

We support your projects with tailored data solutions to give shape to your ideas.

innovativi sistemi di intelligenza artificiale, Genova
Why Us

Creative Words is the result of 20 years of experience in providing multilingual language services.

, innovativi sistemi di intelligenza artificiale, Genova

Our services

Use Cases

Find out the use cases page to discover all the business sectors to which our data solutions for AI can be applied.

, innovativi sistemi di intelligenza artificiale, Genova

Our solutions

Data for AI

Learn about our multilingual data collection, annotation and validation solutions for artificial intelligence.

innovativi sistemi di intelligenza artificiale, Genova

Our projects

Case Studies

Download the case studies to find out how we process data and learn about the projects we’ve worked on in the past.

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