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Data Annotation

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Data Annotation for Artificial Intelligence

We offer data annotation services to make data recognizable to machine learning systems and support algorithm training.

Data annotation, Creative AI, Genova

How do we annotate data?

Artificial intelligence models need to process properly annotated data to learn how to automatically recognize new patterns of behavior. Annotation refers to the categorization of different kinds of data, that can be used for algorithm training activity.

Our data annotation services combine human activity with machine learning models. This partnership allows to obtain high quality results and to improve the outcome of the final project. The automated models pre-annotate the data sets in an approximate way, then the network of contributors finishes the task by reviewing the already partially marked data.

Image & Video Annotation

Image and video classification models automatically identify and track visual elements in a limited space, supporting the human labeling process this way.

Text Annotation

The combined textual annotation activity between automatic and human systems identifies relevant parts of text, to speed up testing and new pattern recognition processes.

Audio Annotation

The classification of different kinds of audio and speech data supports automated softwares in speech recognition and in natural language processing.

Despite the constant innovation of machine learning models, human contribution is still essential to achieve quality results. In fact, a human-in-the-loop approach makes it possible to speed up the entire process and achieve more accurate results.

Thanks to our strong global network of multilingual contributors, we are able to offer an appropriate data annotation service, both from a technological and a linguistic point of view. The availability of a wide variety of data allows to develop artificial intelligence projects in different languages.



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