Via Cairoli 1/4
16124 Genoa – Italy
ph. +39 010 8970500

Data services for artificial intelligence solutions - Services - Creative AI
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We provide multilingual data services to companies that develop AI solutions.

Data Annotation

We annotate different kinds of data to make them recognizable to machine learning systems and support algorithm training.

Data annotation, Creative AI, Genova
Data collection, Creative AI, innovativi sistemi di intelligenza artificiale, Genova

Data Collection

We collect and store data in various formats to train machine learning models to complete certain tasks automatically.

Data Validation

We verify that the datasets are accurate and optimized to properly complete your artificial intelligence projects.

Data validation services, Creative AI, Genova
Automated transcription, Creative AI, innovativi sistemi di intelligenza artificiale, Genova

Other Services

Together we define customized data solutions to help you develop innovative artificial intelligence projects that meet your needs.