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Artificial Intelligence and equality

As frightening as Artificial Intelligence can be at times, it can lead to countless benefits that we are likely not even aware of. An example? Social equality.



AI has so much potential to completely reshape our world, yet it is important to ensure that the development of increasingly sophisticated technologies includes their design and implementation without gender bias.


How can Artificial Intelligence fight these inequalities?

Artificial Intelligence can help us to understand and address the causes of inequality by taking advantage of data and analytics. In doing so, it allows us to identify the social and economic factors that contribute to the social divide. This information makes it possible to address the issue.


AI: a possible cure?

The healthcare industry greatly struggles against discrimination and racism. For this very reason, AI should be able to optimise future patient outcomes, reducing cases of marginalisation.

In the past, certain preferential choices in hospital settings were justified based on the tolerance and control of pain between white and black patients: a bias with no scientific basis. In this regard, an Artificial Intelligence model capable of assessing the severity of certain symptoms was created. Using this model, the predictions of recent technology were found to be closely correlated with patient-reported pain compared to radiologists’ diagnoses, particularly in black patients. According to experts, AI may be able to better register patients’ pain, ensuring everyone has the same right to care.



Although the results of this technology are promising, their diffusion is still very low. The dissemination of these new findings and the intention to create algorithms that can eliminate this social divide are therefore of paramount importance. In doing so, we could take advantage of new Artificial Intelligence technologies properly, and most importantly for the benefit of all.


This is just one example of how Artificial Intelligence can play a key role in raising awareness on highly debated issues these days. Curious about the other areas in which it can improve our lives? Take a look at other articles and let us know what you think!