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7 benefits of a chatbot for businesses and consumers

Today, some AI solutions allow many business sectors to automate a part of their in-house activities, thus letting companies save time and money and make gains in terms of customer loyalty and user experience.


The benefits of a chatbot for companies are a real advantage in the business world. These software programs, capable of maintaining a simple yet realistic conversation with users, are in actual fact an important support for business activities.

These models are considered a particularly fitting investment for companies in various sectors, which are accustomed to managing a high volume of written and telephone requests made by consumers and clients. The combination of activity completed by human operators and by chatbots enables companies to handle an increasingly larger number of requests.

But how important is it for a company today to make a chatbot available to its customers? If you’re thinking about implementing a customised chatbot, here are seven benefits of chatbots for companies which perhaps will be able to clear up some ideas on the matter.

1. They are always available to the user

Chatbots are at the disposal of users all day long and at any time, offering availability that human operators could not easily guarantee. More and more often, users who find themselves in difficulty actually expect a one-to-one conversation and an instant answer to their problem.

These intelligent systems guarantee a swift response to consumers in real time, making it also easier for companies to manage numerous requests. This availability allows companies using chatbots to differentiate themselves from their competitors and make themselves more reliable in the eyes of their customers.

2. They can be implemented on various contact platforms

To make a chatbot available to users, it’s not necessary to develop an app. Chatbots can be implemented on various contact platforms, such as social media, instant messengers or websites, according to an omnichannel approach that offers a consistent and quality experience.

Chatbots usually appear in a corner of the screen, without intruding on users while they’re browsing and without interrupting their online journey. The chatbot asks the users a series of specific questions that have been stored in a database so it can try to come to the consumer’s aid.

3. They gather useful information on consumers

Through the questions they put to users, chatbots are able to gather a large amount of personal information from a company’s customers. In this way, it’s possible to have a more precise idea of the individual people they’re speaking with and to offer highly personalised assistance on the basis of the data gathered and the analysis performed on the consumers’ behaviour.

Chatbots can guide users in making purchases, provide accurate and detailed information based on their requirements and make personalised recommendations according to their tastes and needs. In addition, they can gather feedback related to customer care and improve the more problematic aspects of this service.

4. They enable you to save time and precious resources

The job of carrying out simple and repetitive tasks is entrusted to chatbots, and it wouldn’t make sense to have human operators perform them. This distinction grants savings to businesses in terms of money and time. But it also enables you to dedicate more expert resources to resolving complex and less standard procedural issues.

This aspect is compatible with the tendency of newer generations to prefer help through a chat over a direct telephone conversation. In this way, human resources can completely dedicate themselves to users who prefer instead the opportunity to interact with a physical operator.

5. They can interact with multilingual users

Multilingual chatbots offer the same communication experience to all users without distinction and can quickly handle thousands of conversations simultaneously in various languages. To make conversations even more personalised, it’s possible to select engaging and entertaining expressions, emojis and GIFs, leaving room for creativity.

By localising available expressions or the actual name of the chatbot in an appropriate manner, a particular tone of voice can be given to the brand, making it more recognisable and consequently reliable in the eyes of consumers.

6. They help increase sales

By gathering the correct information and leading the user in the right direction, it’s also possible to increase sales through the use of chatbots. They allow you to reach the right customers at the right time with targeted and customised messages. In addition, they can help the customer stay up to date with new products and current offers, also providing assistance during the purchasing process and product feedback.

7. They can be used in various fields of application

Chatbots can be utilised in various business sectors and for different activities. For example, in the retail and e-commerce sector they can be used in customer service to answer customers’ questions and solve technical and organisational problems.

In the marketing sector, they can be used instead to reach lead generation objectives, gather relevant data and increase outside interactions. In the IT field, they can be used to solve internal and external technical issues and in HR to support the activities of staff and the integration of new employees within a company.

Are you planning to have a chatbot for your business and need data to train it? Do you still have doubts about the benefits of a chatbot? Tell us about your project and together we’ll find the most suitable solution to your needs.